Vaping Facts You Need To Know

Vaping basically constitutes the act of inhaling vapors from an electronic cigarette known as an e-cigarette or another vaping device. These vapors come from the liquid (when the heat is applied to it) inside the e-cigarettes and they usually contain chemicals, nicotine, and some flavors. Inhaling the vapors gives the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Teens who engage in this practice do so because of the health risks involved in smoking a real cigarette or due to parental and or societal disapproval. It could also be for experimental purposes, or even teen influence.

Is vaping quite safe? One might ask. Find reviews about using vaping devices and more on to get more answers to this question from people who have used the various vaping devices in the past.  For the time being, here are some facts about vaping.

1.      You are still inhaling harmful substances

Not one of the components of the vapors inhaled with a vaping device is healthy. They are all harmful and pose a huge health risk to people who use a vaping device. Nicotine can be present in some of these vapors and in cigarettes too. Smokers are prone to lung diseases and most times death.

2.      You can get addicted to nicotine

Nicotine is a substance that can be addictive. That’s why smokers find it hard to leave it. This substance has been found to be the primary cause of brain development issues in kids and teens. It also affects memory, concentration, self-control, and mood. It is now common practice to see young people who would never have become smokers start using vaping devices. They flood vaping stores itching to experience something they deem cool.

3.      Nicotine addiction leads to other forms of addiction

Getting hooked on nicotine can drive one to become addicted to other harmful substances. How does addiction happen? When the availability of nicotine is absent in the body, the person will search for another harmful substance that can give him the same level of high that nicotine offers. This leads to experimentation with so many other harmful substances.

4.      It is financially draining

Vaping is an expensive practice because the cartridges that hold the liquid inside get worn out with time and need to be replaced. These cartridges are very expensive. Also, as addiction shoots up so does the need for the availability of money.

5.      It could lead to death

Due to a mixture of unhealthy substances forming the vapors, inhaling them could lead to death. The harmful components in the vapors one inhales can lead to deaths from collapsed lungs or cardiac problems.

6.      It could lead to behavioral problems

Just like with the use of harmful substances, vaping could lead to a change in behavioral patterns. There could be withdrawal, lack of concentration, and more.

Final Notes

Vaping has been argued to be one way to quit smoking, but is it really safe as suggested? By inhaling harmful substances, how can it be said to be safe? E-cigarettes contain harmful, unregulated substances that definitely aren’t healthy for the human body.


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