Reasons behind the popularity of e-cigarettes – What makes them a go-to product

Electronic cigarettes are presently the most common kind of tobacco product that is currently being used among the high-school and middle-school students in the year 2016-2017. But have you ever wondered about why the youth are using such tobacco alternatives with such grace? Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration examined the reasons behind so many from the young generation using electronic cigarettes.

More and more students and college-goers are visiting websites like and they’re getting themselves their vape pens with which they can continue with their vaping habit. According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, the report found out that the three most common reasons behind the young generation choosing vaping are:

  • 40% used them because a family member or a dear friend used them
  • 32% of them love them because they prefer the flavors like candy, mint, chocolate or fruit
  • 18% believe that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than all the other forms of tobacco like cigarettes or nicotine-patches or gums

This is a third of students who report that the instant availability of the flavors is the main reason behind e-cigarettes being chosen by the young generation. Research also reveals that the young generation is more likely to choose the flavors of electronic cigarettes and they believe that they’re much less harmful than e-cigarettes which are of tobacco flavor.

Few other reasons behind the youth reportedly using electronic cigarettes are that it is pretty easier to obtain than all other tobacco products and they also cost less than other products. One can use e-cigs in places where tobacco cigarettes aren’t allowed and there are several students who said that they used e-cigs to quit smoking or some used because they saw famous people in the television using it.

Is using electronic cigarettes a serious health concern?

Post one year of decline, the prevalence of vaping among the young generation increased again in the year 2017. The rise in using e-cigs and vaping among the youth is a serious public health concern for different reasons. The general report in 2016 confirmed that e-cigarettes too have something about them which make them little bit addictive and the nicotine addiction during this early stage can hamper the functioning of nerve cells.

In the meanwhile, people recommend constant efforts to reduce and prevent the electronic cigarette use among the young adults and youth. Hence, if you’re someone who is taking on to vaping, you should take into account the above mentioned reasons.

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