4 Fun and Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

Photographs are special, they help us capture moments in time, unique moments, important moments, moments that we wish to cherish. As technology continues to advance we have seen photography go through some similar exciting and innovative developments. With this has come some interesting and creative ways in which we can display and present our photographs. This post will explore some of these new and creative ways to display your photographs.

The world is digital, huge advances in technology has propelled us into a world where information can be shared and viewed at an alarmingly fast rate. Photography is an industry that has heavily evolved with the growth of new technology. Most people have access to a digital camera, be it integrated within their phone or as a stand alone device. As a result people are no longer printing photos, instead it is more easy to store them on their computers or use a digital photo frame to display a select few. In my opinion a photograph should be physical, something that you can touch, admire and interact with. A great way of displaying your photos is by turning your photo into a Canvas Print. Canvas Wall Art is a huge current trend amongst the interior design industry. Canvas Prints can be used to add excitement, character and dynamic to an otherwise dull and monotone space. You can transform any image or photograph you wish into a glorious Canvas Print, and through a bit of creativity the results can be spectacular. The benefits of this to spring tx photographers is the chance to see your photographs in a large scale. By printing to this scale you can bring out the most within your photograph and present your work in a more unique and eye-catching fashion. Canvas Photo Prints also make for fantastic gifts suitable for wedding gifts, and celebratory occasions such as the birth of a child or an anniversary.

Another new and unique way of displaying your photography is through 3D Glass Art. This is a fairly new concept but has been rising in popularity. This clever and spectacular service allows you to display your photographs within a glass object, using bubbles to recreate the pixels of your digital image. 3D Glass Art can make the perfect gift, and is ideal for wedding gifts or to celebrate the birth of a child. The process is surprisingly cheap and quick to create, whilst the results can be absolutely breathtaking.

Some photographs such as those of small children and pets make for wonderful gifts. So why not get creative and turn your photographs into a fantastic T-Shirt or huggable cushion? Printing on fabric is a great way to present your photography. Through being creative it is relatively simple to turn any image into a Warhol style Print, or perhaps a stencil print in the style of Banksy, both of which make for unique and personalised designs which can look great on a cushion or t-shirt. Printing to fabric is a brilliant way to permanently display your photography in a personal and interesting way that will stand out.

Finally, if you really want to make a bold statement with your photography and display it in a way for all to see, you could explore the addictive world of Stencil Wall Art. World famous street artists such as Banksy, have contributed to the creation of an entire art movement through their stencil graffiti. Prints by these artists can be found almost everywhere in today’s society, and are hugely popular all around the world. As a result many have taken to creating their own stencil art, and this can be applied to photography too. It is rather easy to create your very own stencil art, stencils can be created using any photograph or image. If you are not confident however it is possible to seek help from a stencil art specialist. The joy of displaying your photographs through stencil is the creativity you can explore, and the scale that you can display your photographs. Any dull or plain wall can be instantly transformed into a magnificent piece of wall art, and the wonderful thing about stencilling is that, once you have your stencil, you can repeat the process over and over again.

There are many creative ways that you can display your photos. Create unique Canvas Wall Art, make the perfect gift or decorate and personalise your home. With a little creativity and the right photograph you can create something unique and special out of your own photography that is sure to turn heads and catch the eyes of all that view.

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